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Meet Starling Jones Jr. of SmoothChords – Voyage ATL

Starling on Voyage ATL.

Tracks Added to &

(1)The Call – Isabel Davis (2)Get Me Through – Wes Morgan (3) I Need You To Breathe – Earnest Pugh (4) See You Again – Anthony Evans (5)Change Me – Tamela Mann >> &

SmoothChords Testimonials

#1 – I praise God for you Mr. Jones, for your gift of teaching and your patience. I am a 70 year novice piano player for my church, and learning is not easy for me. But you are so kind, and you take your time — teaching us each note. Because you are sharing your gift, I have been able to play many times for my church ….. and the joy is indescribable! Thank you for teaching us, and please don’t ever stop. – PW

#2 – Smooth Chord website have been a blessing to me in learning and understanding how to play gospel music. Dr. Jones, you are making a difference toward the improvement of the skills of young musicians everywhere. Stay encouraged and keep up the good work. – DS

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Get The SmoothChords App Today!

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