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I Love The Lord – Phillip Carter – Piano Tutorial – YouTube : Full Tutorials (DVD or Download.) Learn To Play The Piano Via Online Video Lessons Free Piano Lesson Downloads:…


Chord Pattern – Db – Starling Jones,Jr. – Piano Tutorial – YouTube #StarlingSounds #SmoothChords #LearnToPlayThePiano #StarlingJonesJr

Piano Tutorial – Only You Are Holy – Donnie McClurkin – Great Worship Song!

Piano Tutorial – Only You Are Holy – Donnie McClurkin – Great Worship Song! (Full Tutorial)

Downoad the SmoothChords App

SmoothChords App Available on Android and iPhone.

5 Tracks Added To The Site ( Multiple Keys, With & Without Background Vocals)

1. God Is – James Cleveland, 2. Miracle – The Clark Sisters, 3. In My name – Milton Brunson, 4. If It had Not Been For The Lord On My Side – Helen Baylor, 5. Jesus Is Real – John P Kee.

4 New Tutorials Added To SmoothChords

1. Scale Fingering (Starling Jones,Jr.), 2. I Get Lonely (Janet Jackson), 3. It’s Alright, It’s Ok (Shirley Caesar & Anthony Hamilton), 4. In My New Home (Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC’s) – #StarlingSounds #SmoothChords #VideoTutorials #StarlingJonesJr #LearnToPlayThePiano #PianoTutorials

Correct Way To Name Chords & Scales – Smooth Chords | Music instruction videos

Smooth Chords – Learn to play the piano with these easy-to-follow instruction videos. Learn Chords, Scales, Grooves and Patterns. Expand your chord vocabulary.

How Should Beginners Approach SmoothChords?

As a beginning piano student of the site, I would suggest getting the basics down before branching out into songs. Learn how the keyboard is constructed as it relates to White & Black Notes, Scales, Chords, Chord Formulas, Chord Patterns & Progressions. Once the basics are well practiced, then go into songs. Even though I have been playing the piano for numerous years, I still go over the basics myself. This helps me stay well versed in all keys. For all who have registered on the site, there is a Keyboard Basics PDF ( document that can be downloaded and it is packed with information that you will need to know. Also utilize the Free Lessons (

Smooth Chords – Piano Tutorial – Most Viewed Lesson On My Youtube Channel

The most viewed lesson on my youtube channel. Enjoy! I think this was the first video I posted. You can tell that the videos have come a long way since those days.

The Organ & Drawbar Settings by Starling Jones,Jr. – YouTube

Learn different drawbar settings and approach the organ with confidence. The pdf document I talked about in the video is at